The Elite Swiss Cartier Super Clone Watches We Saw At NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League wrapped up last week. Some of you might be asking, “What is the Summer League?” To that we say, “Don’t worry about it, we’re here to show you some cool super clone watches for sale.” Some of the league’s biggest names showed up to luxury replica watches the league’s newest entrants and youngest stars face off in exhibition play (I guess we did sort of explain it) under the bright lights of Las Vegas. But they didn’t come alone. They brought some truly heavy-hitting perfect super clone watches, and we picked our favorite Santos de Cartier super clone from the last two weeks to share with you.

Mo Bamba’s Super Clone Cartier Santos de Cartier Titanium
He was touted as the next Joel Embiid. He decidedly is not, and Embiid was sure to let the world know that when they faced off for the first time. Embiid clarified the issue to the tune of 32 points on 50% from the field. In many ways, Bamba has had a ton of pressure put on him to reach a level very few NBA stars ever do. He’s still young though, and I still believe in him. In fact, his low-key and very classy choice of Swiss made super clone watches make me like him even more. Seated in the stands for a Summer League game, we find the long 7-footer rocking a super-cool Titanium AAA quality super clone Santos de Cartier on its iconic bracelet (click to the second photo fora clear shot). Stay strong Bamba. – D.M.

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