Bill Murray at Cannes 2021 with Timex and Perfect Cartier Super Clone Watches

Murray stood out during a photoshoot for his, shall we say, rather colorful clothing, including an eye-catching shirt sporting a plethora of patterns. Horology-wise he was wearing two Swiss super clone watches online, double wristing in WIS parlance. Each of the AAA quality super clone watches worn is quartz powered, but completely different in appearance and pedigree.

On his right wrist Murray sported a Timex Indiglo Easy Reader with a white dial, while on his left wrist he wore the evergreen perfect super clone Cartier Tank. As its name suggests, the Timex Indiglo Easy Reader is a top replica watch with very good legibility; its oversized Arabic numerals make it easy for the wearer to read the time, even at night thanks to the Indiglo lume function.

The 1:1 super clone Cartier Tank on the other hand is a classical timepiece, its place cemented in the imaginary horology hall of fame thanks to a novel case design based on World War I tanks. Since its release in 1917, the century-old wholesale super clone watch has remained a firm favorite among celebrities, royalty, and just about everyone else.

A festival photographer gifted us with a very crisp closeup shot of Murray’s Cartier Tank super clone for sale, making model identification easier: Murray wore a 1:1 fake Cartier Tank Must in stainless steel. Visible marks on the case lead me to believe it has been worn rather frequently.

Since the Timex is set to 6:00 in the photos, and the best quality super clone Cartier is set to 12:00, it stands to reason that Murray might have been using the two cheap super clone watches to each represent a time zone. France is exactly six hours ahead of the United States’ east coast.


Founded by Louis Cartier in Paris in 1847, Swiss super clone Cartier has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious and imaginative luxury brands in the world.

Most people know them for their jewellery, but they are also purveyors of some of the most iconic replica watches online of all time – indeed, cheap fake Cartier brought the world’s very first wristwatch to market, the groundbreaking Santos de Cartier, in 1904.

The luxury copy Cartier back catalogue is a veritable hit list of horological superstars – from icons like the Tank and Tonneau to iconoclastic designs like the Crash and Cloche de Cartier – but one of their most distinct and innovative has to be the perfect fake Pasha de Cartier.

First introduced in 1943, it was in the 1980s that the Pasha de Cartier replica for sale became the phenomenon that it is today. Its neoclassical flourishes, ‘square in circle’ design and bold presence on the wrist make it an icon of that era, and one of the most unique best quality copy Cartier watches (or any high-end watchmaker) has ever created.

Now, in 2021, the 1:1 fake Pasha de Cartier makes its triumphant return: just as bold and unequivocal, but with a wide variety of subtle tweaks that make it more exceptional than ever.
On a technical level, wholesale fake Cartier features a new automatic in-house movement, designed at the Cartier manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, as well as an innovative new quick-switching strap system, which makes personalisation a breeze.

There’s subtle aesthetic tweaks, too: a redesigned crown, which is protected by the top fake Pasha de Cartier iconic spinel or sapphire-set crown cover. Swinging back the crown cover also reveals a hidden section for personalised engraving – a fun little secret that speaks to the playful nature of the best replica watch.

The AAA fake Pasha de Cartier Collection encompasses a wide variety of takes on the unmistakable design. Different metals, different bracelets, jewels and even an eye-catching chronograph model – variations on a powerful and distinct theme.

In short, the Pasha de Cartier copy for sale is a watch for tastemakers; for extroverts; for the young at heart. The real genius of the Swiss made clone watch is how it both oozes old-world charm and elegance whilst simultaneously feeling radical and fresh.
The term ‘statement piece’ gets thrown around a lot in the Swiss movement fake watch world but it’s an appellation that the high quality fake Pasha de Cartier deserves more than most. It’s truly individual and different – the ultimate style statement for the forward-thinking watch fan.